9. Custom Sounds

If you wish to change the default sounds in the Commander App, you can using this guide. 1. Create you custom sound and name it exactly as name in the table below ie Cue_Standing  it is case sensitive. 2. Save it as a .WAV file  no other audio file formats are supported. 3. Transfer the

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2a.Round Types

If your round selection screen does not look like below, please update your App Rounds can be customised. The customise feature is at the bottom the difficulty dropdown — customise — You can give your customised round an appropriate name and save it , click on the floppy disk icon Round Types Single Shooter Target

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Batteries or Hard Power ?

VS If you will be constantly moving the targets about or using them outside, then select battery power. If you are building a static range and don’t expect to move the targets about much, then select hard power. You can still arrange the targets with a lot of flexibility and never have to charge another

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Range Equipment

We are regularly asked what is the best guns, mags, BB’s and other supporting equipment to buy for our target systems. Our list is based on what we have found to be reliable at our many demonstrations and show events and only a suggestion. Guns ARES AM-008-BK Amoeba M4 Assault Rifle (ARES AM-008-BK ) Tip

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Elementor #2806

Matches are great feature to simply format a big or small competitive shooting match. The App will run the competition for you. There are a few options for you to try out, like different formats ie just solo rounds or solo and head to head finals for real tension and excitement. Please test this unique

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