Create complex and interactive courses of fire, with automatic scoring and zero reset time

Build target practice courses and shoot houses with AttackSense digital airsoft targets
Set targets out in a course of fire and have complete control over how shooting targets appear, with automatic scoring and interactive controls


Practical shooting should be fast-paced and engaging. Imagine a course of fire which reacts to a shooter's movement around the course, then provides immediate results and is ready for the next shooter as soon as the round has completed.

With AttackSense you have complete control over how and when targets light up, with random elements and sensors to detect where a shooter is on the course to control the timing and order of reveal.


With the AttackSense Custom Round builder, you can easily create rounds with sequences of targets that provide shoot and do-not-shoot objectives, with gates to control the target timing in sequences.

Simply create a sector and add targets into the sector, choosing which targets are shoot objectives and which are do-not-shoot, you can decide whether targets activate all at once or in a set or random sequence.

You can even add in specific audible cues for the shooter, instructing them to change weapon or maintain a specific stance.

Define audible and visual cues for practical shooting courses of fire, such as stance or position


Watch our interactive video on creating Custom Rounds and see how easy it is to build an immersive course of fire in minutes.

Capture shooter position, influence targets or trigger sirens and pyro in a course of fire using the AttackSense Trigger Button and Trigger Module


With the AttackSense Trigger Button you can wirelessly detect a shooter's movement, either through a button press or using pressure switches or beam break sensors. Targets can be set to reveal when a shooter is at a specific point in a course, making a course react to the route a shooter takes through a course or pause until a shooter is in a certain sector.

The AttackSense Trigger Module provides 6 IO channels, either acting as sensors to detect movement, or controlling lights, smoke or pyro for added immersion at specific points in a course.


Targets can be used as team objectives in regular skirmish games. Use targets as VIP objectives or flip their states to a team's colour in a domination match. Add a whole new level to CQB and force on force games with objective scoring to decide the winning team.

Using Trigger Module inputs in respawn areas a game can offset a team's score by the number of players shot in the game, combining objectives with the number of hit players to determine the ultimate winners.

A player in a CQB shoot house running a course of fire using AttackSense digital targets
Create interactive practical shooting matches with the AttackSense Smart Target System


Scoring matches shouldn't need spreadsheets or post-it notes. Competitors should know who's winning and what's needed to remain competitive.

With AttackSense you can completely automate the hosting of a match and provide competitors with real-time leaderboards with individual and aggregate scoring automatically displayed on a big screen. We even support head to head knockout rounds to take matches to the next level.


Decide the format of a match, set the scoring process then add optional knockout stages. AttackSense then tracks competitor enrolment and co-ordinates all range activity.

The app states who's on range and shows the shooter up next on the Big Screen System, allowing shooters in the safe zone to keep up to date and know when to get ready. As the app controls all activity, a Range Office can focus on range safety and match protocol, taking all the fuss out of hosting matches.

Automated IPSC, Action Air and practical shooting competitive match scoring
AttackSense supports automated matches with real-time leaderboards so competitors can see their position throughout a an Action Air match.


During a match, the AttackSense Big Screen System shows a breakdown of each shooter's runs with drop scores and averages, no more peeking over the official's shoulder to see the scores. As a match progresses to head to head knockout, the Big Screen System shows wins, losses & draws.

The interactive match scoring on the AttackSense Big Screen System keeps shooters engaged during downtime and creates a buzz in the safe zone to keep the atmosphere tense throughout a match.


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