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Elementor #2806

Matches are great feature to simply format a big or small competitive shooting match.

The App will run the competition for you. There are a few options for you to try out, like different formats ie just solo rounds or solo and head to head finals for real tension and excitement.

Please test this unique feature out and let us know how it went


Open the main menu, go to “Matches” hit the “New Match” button at the bottom

Let’s go

Name: Enter you match name here
Gun Type:
Options – “Open”, “Multi-gun”, “Pistol”, “Automatic” “Rifle”, “Bolt action”
Match Format:
Options – “Solo only” all rounds in the match will be solo shooter.
“Solo the Head to Head” please see below for details on this mode
Round Type:
Options – all available round types
Options – standard difficulty levels
Runs Per Competitor:
Options – How many shoots per competitor
Runs To Drop:
Options – “Don’t drop any runs” Count all rounds as they occur
“Drop the best and worst run” Your best and worst run will not be counted recommended
“Drop the best run” Your best run will not be counted
“Drop the worst run” Your worst run will not be counted

Scoring Model:
Options – “Average of qualifying run scores” An average of counted scores will be used once the
match is complete
“Sum of qualifying run scores” A sum of all scores will be used for the match
“Best qualifying run score” The best score achieved in the qualifying rounds will be used.

Remember to hit SAVE !

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