Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions we regularly get asked, if after reading this you’re still curious, feel free to contact us.

What’s included in an AttackSense system?

We offer AttackSense targets in a few pack options. Our starter packs include a set of airsoft electronic targets, tree mounting brackets and a charger, whereas individual targets come with a single target plus tree bracket and you will need to use an existing charger.

What else is needed to use AttackSense?

You’ll need a gun and ammunition, as well as an Android thing to host the app. We find 7″ Android tablets work best and anything running Marshmallow onwards will work just fine, and sub £100 ($100) tablets are all you need. If your arena doesn’t have any trees, we can provide tripod stands to mount the airsoft targets.

How do they work?

AttackSense targets are electronic and 100% solid state (no moving parts). Inside each target is an array of RGB LEDs that we use to show different states (good guy, bad guy etc). There’s also a sensor that recognises hits by picking up the vibration of the BB hitting the target. A Wi-Fi antenna connects the target to other targets and allows the tablet running the app to communicate with the targets. The sensor is very good at detecting hits and so far we’ve never had a BB hit the target that didn’t get recognised or any false positives. It’s a good idea though to check that no stray branches can hit the target or anything else that could accidentally tap the target while it’s in use.

How accurate are they?

They detect hits very accurately and the reaction timing occurs on the target that’s revealing then detecting the hit. The reaction time from reveal to hit is measured in milliseconds and is sent back to the commander app so the performance of the wireless network or tablet has no bearing on the accuracy and performance of the targets.

Do I need a Wi-Fi access point or a special target to connect the app?

No, setting up the wireless targets is simple, the first target you switch on notices it’s the first (it’s a good idea to switch one target on 10 seconds before any of the others). This target then becomes the master and advertises the wi-fi network the app connects to, all the other targets then become slaves and talk to the master. Any target can be a master and any can be the slave, however it’s a good idea to make the target closest to the tablet running the app the master.

What kind of firepower can targets take?

Targets are constructed from high grade aluminium with hit resistant graphics designed to register a hit but take enough energy from the projectile to limit any bounce-back. The LED illuminator is protected by 8mm polycarbonate and will withstand direct hits. We recommend treating targets like you would any opponent, and giving them an equal amount of firing distance relative to the weapon of choice that you would a friend on a game day. Targets are easily serviceable and spare parts are available too if needed.

Are there any wires?

No! our electronic target system comes with a battery pack big enough to last an entire day and operate completely wirelessly. Enjoy the freedom of placing targets wherever you want.

What about range?

In an open arena or woodland setting, we regularly have wireless targets 80m (250ft) from the commander app, in a setting where targets are obscured or inside huts then range can be reduced by around a third. Mileage varies with the materials that are in the way but we rarely experience issues with wireless range and when we have then disabling a wireless hotspot running on the shooter’s phone fixes the issue (in our case it was a wireless microphone on a journalist’s camera). For operation over a larger range our targets can connect to an external access point or multiple access point network, you can either use your own option or we can supply a pre-configured access point.

How many targets do I need?

Technically speaking you can run AttackSense as a single practice target and this can be very useful for dialling in your hop or sniper practise (see “Flash on hit mode”). To have real fun through an absolute minimum of three targets are needed and we recommend five. With six or more targets you can get really creative with placement, we can support up to 65 targets at any time.

Where do you ship?

We ship to any country within Europe and North America. For other countries, please contact us before ordering. If you are looking to save on shipping, targets are not paired so you can order as a group and split up target packs on arrival.

Are targets waterproof?

We don’t suggest leaving targets out in the rain, however they will survive a brief shower without harm. Targets and their mounting system are designed to be easily removable at the end of the day and the brackets can be left in place.

How can targets be mounted?

We provide tree brackets and straps that go around a tree without harming the tree in any way. We can also provide tripods for placing targets in open areas. If you need other options then the tree brackets come apart and the mounting shaft can be attached to any plate using the supplied M6 bolt. If you have any other ideas we’d love to hear them.

What does the app do?

You use our app to set up the type of scenario you want the targets to act out, from a simple airsoft shooting gallery to complex practical shooting scenarios. Without the app the targets simply operate in “flash when hit” mode and will flash once each time they are hit. Once you start a round on the app, the live stats for the round are displayed on the screen along with some sound effects and confirmation of what the targets are doing, the actual running of the round goes on entirely on the targets, providing much better reliability and accuracy.

Can I use a non-Android device?

Sadly not, although we can easily make our app run on other devices, their app store policy does not permit our kind of app.

How do I install the app?

You can either install the AttackSense Commander app from the Google Play app store, or alternatively you can enable apps from third party sources in settings and download our app from .

What do I do with the tablet when playing a round?

We can provide a tablet holder that uses our mounting system, so you can keep the tablet standing freely at the firing point.

What else can I do with AttackSense targets?

Well, they’re sensitive enough to detect a hit from almost anything, including Nerf weapons and juggling balls. You can practise aim with almost anything; we’ve also had fun putting the targets in a large circle and have people run and tap targets using the Reaction Test round.

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