Web casting from your tablet

The AttackSense Commander software produces a web cast that can be viewed on other devices such as TV screens(1) , laptops or other wifi enabled devices.

View live data – Shooters can watch the results come in as they wait for their turn ramping up the tension

View Round History – Analyse and record round history

Download top scores – Produce round results and further analyse history in PDF and CSV formats

(1) TV’s without wifi and browser will require our Big Screen System found in the accessories page.

How do you do this?

Live view

Connect your laptop or TV to the same network as your targets are working on ie airsoft_target

Open a web browser and type in the IP address found in the tablet commander software as above (it maybe different)

You should see a screen similar to this

There is a menu in the bottom right hand corner for other functions


If you wish to do further analysis away from the range, simply connect you tablet to your regular broadband network and your laptop to the same network, please check the IP address on the tablet as it may change


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