Managing separate leaderboards

AttackSense tracks top scores automatically and separates them for each type of round, this is great for keeping track of leaderboards and with the ShooterID cloud allows your shooters to keep track of their positions while away from the range.

But what if you need to separate pistol from rifle, or want a separate table for juniors so they don’t get disheartened being 75th on the leaderboard below your regulars? That’s now easily managed, by creating a custom difficulty level and saving it you can decide whether top scores for that difficulty are tracked alongside the main table or in their own separate table.

All you have to do is to choose the round type and a base difficulty level. Then by choosing “customise” you can set the level up exactly how you want, then press the disk icon at the top right. Now, when you save the difficulty you are asked whether to track top scores separately. When you want to use that top scores table, just make sure the shooter or range officer chooses that difficulty from the selector.

If you want to go a step further and make sure that nobody can mess with the settings for that table, just lock the app with a password in the App Settings menu and users are unable to modify any difficulty parameters for that custom difficulty.

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