AttackSense Commander

Our Android app lets you control up to 32 AttackSense Smart Targets in a variety of round modes, allowing you to simulate battle scenarios or simply have fun trying to hit as many targets as possible. Each round mode is customisable for the environment targets are set up in and the experience level of the shooter.
The AttackSense Commander displays the current state of any target and provides real-time statistics on the current round as well as an end of round summary that is also stored in history for later review.
As we provide updates in new software releases, the app also updates any targets to the latest version of target software, providing easy to upgrade, future-proof capabilities.
The path we take with our product is fuelled by our customers and influencers who are just as excited about the future of our product as we are, we’d love to know what you think we should build next into AttackSense and we have some very exciting plans of our own!

Round modes

The AttackSense Commander app provides a number of round modes to customise the way multiple targets activate and have to be shot. This allows any number of simulations for a wide variety of deployment scenarios.
This section describes the different modes available, with each round mode comes different customisers that lets you tweak how long targets stay activated and how they interact with each other.

Flash When Hit

This mode isn’t exactly a round mode, but enabling “Flash When Hit” from the sidebar puts all targets back into their default state of simply flashing each time they recognise a hit and will keep doing this until you initiate a new round. This is especially useful for dialling in a scope or hop up. Setting targets up on a firing range at various distances and enabling this mode is great during lunch breaks as it needs no tablet or app to work.

Target Practise

This is the most basic scene but can also be the most fun. In Target Practise one target is active at any one time and once shot, the next target is activated. If you don’t shoot a target in time, a miss is registered and the next target activates.
The amount of time you have to shoot each target is determined randomly from a range set by the difficulty level.
Targets reveal in a random sequence, but every target will activate before any target is re-used, so if you have five targets, and choose a round of five shots then every target is guaranteed to be used in that round.

Reaction Test

This round is similar to Target Practise, but there are good guys. If you shoot a green target then your round is over, so pay attention! Reaction test also starts with a long shooting time allowance that gradually reduces over the length of the round, making targets gradually more difficult to shoot. Using Reaction Test allows you to improve your ability to recognise, take aim and hit targets quickly.

Shooting Gallery

Multiple targets will activate at any time, with good guys in the mix to keep you alert. This time each target is active is calculated based on customisable “recognise”, “aim” and “shoot” parameters that take into account how many targets need to be shot in each sequence.

Time Trial

Hit as many targets as you can in a set amount of time. This mode tests repetitive aim techniques and shooting accuracy when placed under strict time pressure.


Set targets up in a line at varying distances from the shooter, then use approach mode to simulate targets approaching towards the shooter. Targets will move “forwards” and “backwards” with random staggers until the shooter hits a target, where the sequence resets and a new approach begins.

Hostage Rescue

Build more risk and suspense into a round, with more good guys and delays before bad guys appear. Hostage Rescue is similar to Shooting Gallery with different pace that suits an arena setup.


After a random delay all targets suddenly appear and have to be shot with the fastest reaction time!

Two Shooter Gallery

Go head to head with another shooter and see who is the best shot. One shooter hits green targets while another shooter hits red. The winner is the shooter who shoots the most targets or if both clear the round completely then the best reaction time wins.

Two Shooter Flip

A modern twist on the classic duelling tree game, like Two Shooter Gallery, one shooter is green and the other is red. At the start of a round all targets are blank until they are shot. Each target when shot lights up randomly either green or red, and shooting a target turns it to the opposite colour. After the round finishes, the shooter with the most targets in their colour wins.

Custom rounds

Custom Rounds allow you to place targets around a course and control actions across targets precisely to build immersive training exercises and competition rounds. Each round can be built up from many sectors, with each sector controlling a defined number of targets and the next sector only beginning once all the actions on the previous sector have been completed or have timed out.
Using AttackSense targets in a practical shooting course means zero reset times, allowing you to run the course at a significantly higher throughput compared to using normal wood or cardboard targets. With automatic and accurate scoring through the AttackSense Commander app, player scores can be tracked in real-time and automatically logged to a leaderboard that can be printed out at the end of a session.

Buy AttackSense targets, perfect for individuals or clubs

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