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Trouble Shooting

Mechanical Issues

Please contact help on 03300 10 4045 or email us if you have

A broken part of the target
A LED light is not working or one colour is not displaying correctly.

We want you to get the best out of targets and will do all we can to get your targets working again.


Wifi & Software issues

Problem: Target does not power up
Answer: This is very unusual, check the target with a battery which is confirmed to be charged.
If this still does not work, contact help

Problem: I followed the start up sequence but cannot see any targets on the App
Answer: In the WiFi section of your device make sure that you are connected to the “AttackSense” Network.
Close the App if already open and re-open the app.

Problem: The targets appear, but one or more are missing.
Answer: Check power to all targets, if that’s good, check the WiFi section on your device and see if any targets
have gone into emergency mode, you may see something like “airsoft_5Dg3d”. Connect to this target and in “configure targets”
set then menu-configure targets-Network Wireless Network set to “External:AttackSense” SAVE.

Go back to Wifi section of device and connect to “Attackasense” missing target should have returned.

If using lanes, check that the missing targets are in another lane, in menu-App Settings-Lanes chnage the lane and see if the missing
targets appear, if they do change their lanes to what you want and reset lane number in App Settings.

Wired Power System

Problem: Some targets are not powering.
Answer: Check all the wiring and link wires between nodes. If you are using multiple PSU’s targets connected
to this should not be linked to other targets on a different PSU.

Problem: Some target LED’s are dim.
Answer: You should only power up to maximum of 8 targets per PSU.

Problem: The targets are not starting up correctly.
Answer: Either you start one target only to become master, then start all the other targets after the
master has booted or you set up a master slave relationship, please see “Hard Wired Setup” in advanced.



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