Create immersive courses of fire and shoot houses

Watch our instructional video to learn how to easily create custom layouts and maximise your training time

A course of fire is an exciting way to train or can create a challenging competition for seasoned shooters. By utilising AttackSense targets you can maximise course run rate as targets can be reset immediately after one shooter runs the course ready for the next shooter. In a competitive format, it also has the benefit of automated scoring for multiple runs and alleviates the need for separate scoring systems.

AttackSense has a dedicated Custom Round builder that gives you complete control over the flow of events throughout a course but also provides the course officer the ability to view the current progress of a shooter from a position of safety.

Combining a Custom Round with optional AttackSense Trigger Buttons or the 6 channel Trigger Module, a course can be controlled from various input sensors or trigger external events like strobes or pyro for added immersion.

To learn more about Custom Rounds and how to create them, watch the explainer video on our YouTube channel.

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