Targets & Modules

AttackSense targets come is several sizes, allowing them to be used is a multitude of settings, or in combinations of sizes to provide a more challenging and immersive experience. All of our main target sizes provide the same functionality and interoperate with each other.

Large Target

Dimensions: 300mm wide by 400mm high

Engagement Distance: 5 metres -100 metres

The original AttackSense target, and still widely used in ranges and arenas.

Mini Target

Dimensions: 200mm wide by 200mm high

Engagement Distance: 3 metres – 30 metres

A smaller frontal area than the Large target, requiring higher accuracy to hit. Can be used exclusively in medium sizes ranges or in close quarters combat training. When combined with the Large Target, the Mini Target provides a varied shooting experience to range users.

Micro Target

Dimensions: 120mm wide by 120mm high

Engagement Distance: 2 metres – 10 metres

designed for smaller back of shop ranges, the micro target provides a small-scale experience packed with 100% of the features of the AttackSense platform, with multiple round modes, two shooter modes and big screen leaderboards. The Micro target is a perfect upgrade from older, less capable systems.